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Est. 1363 of the Sixth Astral Era

The Black Pearl Trading Co. (BPT) was formed by the Ford family in Limsa Lominsa sometime around 1363 of the Sixth Astral Era. It was not always called the BPT. When it first started out the company shipped/traded only by sea. The small amount of ships they had carried mostly the basic essentials: clothing, pelts/leather, foods/spices, ore. As time passed and their reputation grew the Fords expanded their fleet and horizons by adding land trading/shipping and adding precious cargo such as rare spices, fine fabrics, and jewelry/gems.

At some point in time they began to stain their ship darker in order to separate them from the other companies. Because the more precious cargo became the staple of their trade they donned the name ‘Black Pearl Trading Co.’ to incorporate both their cargo and their dark ships.

Being passed down throughout generations lead the company into the hands of William Ford. He was not a man to just sit back and rake in the profit; often he went with ships to help and gave satisfying pay to the employees. Vorsaile, a dear friend was his second in command who keep the paperwork(reports, cargo lists, gil moving in and out of the co.) in check.

Due to family tradition the company was pass down to his next of kin, who in turn handed the company to Vorsaile not soon after in order to pursue her dream of traveling. Vorsaile placed the undesired leader as his second in command, as he believed her to be a viable asset to the company's future.

Currently, the company flourishes, shipping and trading by sea, land, and air. As their company grows, employees are needed, and thus Vorsaile sometimes open up recruitment in search of hard working individuals to add to their growth.

(We are currently closed to recruitment.)